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Regular Kiltmaking Courses - Mainly run on  Fridays and Saturdays as and when demand requires.

Introductory Kiltmaking Course - minimum 12 days this includes your practice piece and homework. This course suits a student who wants to complete a kilt in 12 days.

We try to ensure that our facilities are the very best available.  You will be allocated  your own work table on which you can leave your work overnight if you are with us for consecutive days.  Our facility also includes a full size work surface for laying out material.  This affords an open and relaxed working environment.

For those attending the 12 day intensive course (two weeks from Monday to Saturday with the Sunday off) (Additional days may be required to complete your first kilt) The next 12 day course will be in early 2020

Course description- Learn hand and machine skills, measuring of the kilt, the use of quality tartan fabrics, the in depth study of made to measure fitting, construction techniques for different styles of kilts and the completion of a traditional handmade kilt. The course also includes sourcing of Tartan fabrics, kiltmaking supplies and accessories, plus basic business advice.

Course fees -  £50.00 per day "must be paid at least 7 days in advance of the kiltmaking course start date" Minimum booking two days per month. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the course if payment for the course is not paid in advance.

Materials for the course are extra- this includes the tartan for the kilt, kilt buckles, canvas, threads and lining etc. to complete your kilt. Costs for each kilt will be different as tartan required will vary slightly.

Please ask for our terms and conditions re booking of courses - those will be included with your booking form and in your student pack when you attend your course. All courses will be run subject to minimum number of students.

Maximum number of students on the course is set at 6 students

We also offer a SQA Customised award in Traditional Kilt making and most recently a SQA Customised Award in Textile Accessories (please see our Textile Course Page)  both are  unique to The Keith Kilt and Textile Centre. If the student wishes to sign up to the SQA Kilt making award they must make a minimum of six kilts to a high standard assessed and verified by our assessors/verifiers. The student will have to keep a portfolio of their work including photographic evidence and must complete it within two years from the time of entering the course. Course fees as above.

We offer a KKTC Certificate for one completed kilt. (This does not make you a trained Kiltmaker it means that the student has received training at KKTC) Please see above for the SQA award in Traditional Kiltmaking.

email; for further information and dates

Friday and Saturday Kilt-making courses continue as normal throughout 2020.

The next 12 day course will be held on Mon 30th March - Sat 11th April 2020.  Sunday 5th will be a day off. This course will be run subject to the required number of students.

Please feel free to contact us for clarification of courses or any further information.

Contact details - 01542 886846 email

If your enquiry is urgent please contact or 07792190653

Some knowledge of hand sewing is required 

Also, please see our 'Facebook' page for updates

Dates may be subject to change or cancellation as per our terms and conditions.

Fringes on the Apron of the Kilt

The front edge on the kilt apron normally has two fringes. However if the client prefers a single fringe or three, this can be factored in by the student, at the time of the client placing the order.

Lining of the Kilt

The Kilt lining is normally black on top of a double canvas waist lining. However if the client would prefer a contrasting colour this can be arranged at the time of measuring and taking the order for the kilt.

Straps on your Kilt

Normally we fit two leather straps on the waist, and one on the hip. The straps are made from quality black or brown leather.

Buckles on your Kilt

We use quality buckles as standard from an approved stockist.

Belt Loops on your Kilt

Two belt loops for supporting your sporran are constructed from your tartan and are securely sewn to the rear of the waist of your kilt, carefully matched to blend in with your chosen tartan. More can be added if required.

Flashes for your Kilt Hose- These are made as part of your Kilt Order and are included in the price quoted at time of ordering.

We do hope you enjoy your Made to Measure Kilt, lovingly stitched, especially for you - an Heirloom to treasure forever. Please see our News and events page for FAQ's

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